Located in the heart of Bratislava, with beautiful views, and more than 50 talented people using a wide technology stack. Bratislava has informal but prestigious offices with lots of sunlight, helping us to work even more creatively and effectively, in a friendly atmosphere all the time.



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Betka - Junior developer

I came to CN Group in August 2015 and started to work as a trainee of CN University. For the first two years I worked as a Junior Android Developer and during this time I tried several projects. I worked with many people including many senior developers who always explained everything that I didn’t understand, and they did my code review. For me, at that time still a student, this was the most valuable thing I could get. The best thing about CN Group is that people here want you to embrace your interests. For me this meant joining our UX team.


Robert - Senior developer

I started my journey at CN Group back when I was a fresh graduate. I joined the Web department as a junior developer. Since then I have come across many technologies, great colleagues and mentors. The great community at CN Group has helped me to greatly develop both as a person and as a developer. Great community and family-like atmosphere are what I love the most about CN Group.


Marek - Teamleader

I really appreciate the trust CN Group had in me from the beginning, as this allows me to focus on development and constant growth. Furthermore, the international projects we are working on represent truly unique opportunities that CN Group can bring to us. This is why I feel naturally self-motivated and joyful to do the great work here.