The place where it has all began! Headquarter of the company, located in the city centre of beautiful, historic Prague, in a side street off Wenceslas Square. This CN Group branch is the largest, with more than 180 colleagues.



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Lenka Vondráčková

Lenka - Team Lead

I have join CN at the beginning of 2015 as CN University student. During those years I have received a lot of opportunities to grow my skills by visiting conferences, events and together with support from senior colleagues it helped me to become a skilled developer in web technologies. Currently, I’m a team leader and a member of the education team where I'm taking care of organizing lectures and tutoring our juniors and CNU students.


Ivo - .NET developer

I started working as a .NET developer at CN Group in 2015 after finishing University. For the past 3 years, our company has helped me grow both professionally and personally. Under the supervision of senior developers and management, I was able to get certifications, attend conferences and eventually started teaching myself.


David - .NET manager

I started my career with CN Group as a part-time tester at the beginning 2000. In 2002 I switched to full time and in the following years I went through several positions in the QA department, helping to create, implement and propagate our Quality Management system. After 5 years working as Deputy QA Manager, I changed to project manager, and now for a second year I am working as one of .Net Department’s line managers. Our company helped me a lot in both my professional and personal growth, allowing me to choose my own path and to contribute to company culture, for which I am grateful.