The Zlín office was founded in 2007, and, since 2015, we have been located in the fabulous BATA building number 13 in the Svit area. About 60 people work here and, of course, we are holding the door open for newcomers. By the way if you can play some musical instrument, you could join our company's rock group - but be careful, the second triangle position has been occupied for years now.



Social room
Social Room



Veronika - HR specialist

Hello, my name is Veru. I started working at CN Group in 2013 as Office Manager for 50% of my time. From 2015 I have been taking care of the HR department in Zlín. I can repair the coffee machine and make very delicious breakfast, but coding is not my cup of my tea.


Jirka - Project manager

I’ve been in CN Group more than five years - started as a tester, continued as a developer, team leader, consultant, project manager, and line manager. Possibilities for self-realisation are endless and I love that everyone can influence not only himself but also the company to be better and better every day.


Martin - Java developer

Hello! I have been working as a Java Developer and I am trying to build the best Java team ever in Zlín. I like joining all the events which we invent here, regardless of whether it’s a working event or one for fun, or even both of them!