Java developer for Team Checkout

We are growing and we still need more developers! Business requirements are stacking up and we currently need 2 more Java developers who are willing to switch to Scala.

Meet your team

What will be your task?

You will be building new features and maintaining existing services for one of the biggest e-shops in the fashion domain on the German market.

There are 5 teams working on the same product. Each team is responsible for a different part of the customer journey.

Team goal: Help customers to purchase a product after they decide what they want to buy. You will be building features for checkout, customer accounts, shipping

Tech stack:
- Hybris: Java, Spring, Tomcat, Scala
- Microservices: Scala, akka http, akka streams, alpakka, Slick, Node.js / Express
- AWS: SNS, SQS, Dynamo, Oracle RDS, MySql RDS, Redis
- Kubernetes

Checkout has 2 subteams
Team 1: CN: 3 frontend Developers, 2 Scala Developers, Tester client: 2 frontend, 4 Scala Developers, Product Owner, Scrum Master
Team 2: CN: 3 frontend Developers, 1 Scala Developer, Client: 1 frontend, 4 Scala Developers, Product Owner, Scrum Master, Tester

Why should you learn Scala?

Modern, very expressive and concise language (write less code => do more work)

Used by biggest tech companies (Twitter, LinkedIn, Disney, Tesla)

Strong support for functional programming

Often used in parallel processing and big data

What we need from you?

We need ideally skilled Scala developer or a skilled Java developer who is willing to learn Scala

Experience with other than Express libraries or DevOps experience is beneficial

Capability and willingness to work with Scrum

English – there will be daily communication with our international clients

Sharing experience and mentoring junior colleagues

Analytical thinking

Ability and willingness to learn new things and improve your skills

Readiness to travel (once per three months)

What can you expect?

Mac or Dell according to your wish

Internal knowledge sharing activities organized in the working time

Egghead, Safaribooks and Pluralsight licenses according to technologies

CN organizes internal and external education activity (meetups, conferences, workshops...) and supports community groups (Fsharping, Elm...)

Work with interesting technologies for international clients

Friendly team, open-door policy, informal company culture

Passionate colleagues who will support you in your growth

Professional and personal growth

Performance reviews

Offices in central Prague/Bratislava/Zlin/Bucharest


We make this transparent. During the first round of interviews, you meet a recruiter, a senior colleague, and your future boss. This is a time to find out if your expectations and ours are the same. If the answer is “yes”, we invite you for a company breakfast where you meet the team you will join, see your office, take a look at your project and, of course, ask any questions you want answered.

Send us your CV
Send us your CV
Sit tight we will call you
Sit tight we will call you
Personal meeting
Personal meeting
Feedback in one week
Feedback in one week
Meet your colleagues first
Meet your colleagues first
Accept Offer
Accept Offer

Who will be on your interview?.

Recruiter - Andrea Soumarová
Andrea Soumarová
Technical Director - Aleš Říha
Aleš Říha
Technical Director
Senior developer - CN Colleague
CN Colleague
Senior developer